Public Comment

DICOM invites stakeholders to submit comments on Supplements during the Public Comment stage of the Standard Development Process.

Supplements for ReviewDocumentDeadlineSubmit comments to
Supplement 236: Waveform Presentation StatePDF  PPT  WordAugust 16, 2024Shayna Knazik,
Supplement 233: Patient Model Gender EnhancementsPDF  PPT  Word
October 7, 2024Shayna Knazik,

All comments are reviewed and resolved by the Working Group developing the supplement.  

Past Public Comment SupplementsDocumentDate
Supplement 242: Ultrasound Fetal Cardiac Structured Report ExtensionsPDF  PPT  Word2024-05-24
Supplement 232: JPEG XL Transfer SyntaxPDF  PPT  Word2024-05-23
Supplement 244: Frame Deflate Transfer Syntax ExtensionsPDF  PPT  XML2024-05-22
Supplement 243: Label Map SegmentationPDF  PPT  XML2024-04-24
Supplement 240: Heightmap Segmentation and Revised Ophthalmic OCT En Face ImagePDF  PPT  Word2024-03-19
Supplement 239: Waveform Annotations SRPDF  PPT  Word2024-02-13
Supplement 238: Assertion CollectionPDF  PPT  Word2023-11-02
Supplement 228: Web Services and Protocol IOD for Volumetric RenderingPDF  PPT  Word2023-09-01
Supplement 234: DICOMweb Storage Commitment ServicePDF  PPT  Word2023-08-28
Supplement 235: HTJ2K Transfer SyntaxPDF  PPT  Word2023-05-11
Supplement 229: Photoacoustic ImagingPDF  PPT  Word2023-01-06
Supplement 237: High-Resolution ECGPDF  PPT  Word2023-01-05
Supplement 226: Confocal MicroscopyPDF  PPT  Word2022-12-28
Supplement 230: Update BCP Secure Communications ProfilesPDF  PPT  Word2022-09-02
Supplement 231: Adaptive Dynamic Range GSPS.PDF  PPT  Word 2022-05-22
Supplement 227: Ultrasound Elastography Structured ReportPDF  PPT  Word2022-03-18
Supplement 223: Repository Query, Inventory IOD, and Related Services
(second round of Public Comment)
PDF  PPT  Word 2022-01-07
Supplement 225: Multi-Fragment Video Transfer SyntaxPDF  PPT  Word2021-09-03
Supplement 209: Revision of the DICOM Conformance StatementPDF  PPT  Word2021-08-22
Supplement 223: Inventory IOD and Related ServicesPDF  PPT  Word2021-06-01
Supplement 213: Second Generation Radiotherapy - Enhanced RT Image and RT Patient Position Acquisition InstructionPDF  PPT  Word 2021-05-31
Supplement 222: Whole Slide Microscopy Bulk Annotations Storage SOP ClassPDF  PPT  Word 2021-03-20
Supplement 160: Second Generation Radiotherapy  - Patient SetupPDF  PPT  Word2020-11-06
Supplement 220: Prostate MRI Structured ReportingPDF  PPT  Word2020-03-02
Supplement 214: Cone-beam CT Radiation Dose SR
PDF  PPT  Word2020-03-02

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