Join a DICOM Working Group or the DICOM Standard Committee
DICOM currently has 33 Working Groups (WG). To learn more about each WG, please visit
Interested stakeholders may join any of the WGs or simply monitor WG communications.

DICOM Working Group membership: DICOM Working Groups have Voting Members (companies, individuals or organizations) and Observers. Only Voting Members have the right to cast a vote when the question is called, such as electing Co-Chairs or approving a document or an action.

There is no fee to join a WG as a Voting Member, but the DICOM Patent Declaration Agreement must be signed and returned. Please see

Voting Membership is automatic for representatives of organizations or companies that are members of the DICOM Standard Committee (DSC).  See below for more info and for a list of DICOM DSC members.

If more than one person are on any particular WG is from the same company, they will be asked to appoint the Primary Voting Representative and Alternates.

DICOM Standard Committee (DSC) membership:   The DICOM Standard Committee is the primary leadership group charged with the oversight and responsibility for all activities of the DICOM Standard. Organizations interested to join the DICOM Standard Committee must complete an application and sign the DICOM Patent Declaration Agreement. The application materials are then reviewed by DSC.

2019 Annual Membership Fees for the DICOM Standard Committee: There is an annual fee to join the DSC, please see rate structure below.

– $1,800 for members of one of the sections of MITA, the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance, a Division of NEMA, COCIR or JIRA
– $9,850 for companies, organizations or agencies that are not members of MITA/NEMACOCIR or JIRA
Biomedical Professional Organizations
– $ 2,500 for each organization. Dues are waived for organizations that provide the secretariat of a subgroup.
Trade Associations, Standards-Developing Organizations, Government Agencies, Observers
– There are no dues for this category of member.

ManufacturerHospital or other Health Care ProviderAcademiaConsultingGovernmentStandard DevelopingIndividualOther