DICOM encourages all stakeholders to participate in the development and use of the Standard and contribute their clinical, technical, and operational experience. DICOM activities consist primarily of updating the Standard to support new technologies and new applications in medical imaging. 

Stakeholders can participate at increasing levels of engagement:

Implement DICOM in a Product

There is no license fee or permission required to implement and use the DICOM Standard in a product, either commercial or non-commercial. The entire standard is available for download in multiple formats. See: Current Edition

Review Working Group Activities

Review and monitor the Scope, Work Plans and Minutes of meetings for each DICOM Working Group.  See: Working Groups & Minutes.

Join a Mailing List

Receive general announcements to the DICOM community (such as supplements newly published for Public Comment or Final Text), or ongoing activity of any given Working Group. There is no cost or commitment to monitor a mailing list.  To be added to one or more lists, complete the contact form. To be removed from a mailing lists, email the DICOM Secretariat ( at any time.

Submit Comments

Provide stakeholder input on draft Supplements during the Public Comment phase of the DICOM Process. See: Public Comment.  Invitations to Comment are posted to DICOM mailing lists.       

Publish excerpts from the DICOM Standard

The copyright for the text of the DICOM Standard is held by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association on behalf of the DICOM Standards Committee and is subject to Fair Use.  To request permission to reproduce or excerpt the Standard, please fill out this form: Copyright Permission Request Form.

Join a Working Group

Participate directly in a Working Group developing new Supplements by attending meetings and/or teleconferences as either an Observer or a Voting Member.  See: Join.

Voting Members may vote on the business of the Working Group and must also complete the patent agreement form. See: IP / Patent Policy.       

Join the DICOM Standard Committee

Participate directly in scoping and approving work to support new technologies and new applications.  See: DICOM Standard Committee Membership. DSC Members may appoint voting representatives to any relevant DICOM Working Group.