DICOM Standard Committee Membership

The DICOM Standard Committee directs and oversees all activities of the DICOM Standard. Organizations interested in joining the DICOM Standard Committee must:

These documents should be sent to dicom@dicomstandard.org. The application materials are then reviewed by the DSC during its next meeting.

Voting Members of the DSC approve new supplements and changes to the DICOM Standard that are developed and recommended by the Working Groups.  Voting Members of the DSC are also entitled to appoint a Voting Member to any DICOM Working Group, without additional application, by notifying the DICOM Secretariat: dicom@dicomstandard.org.

2021 Annual Membership Dues:
There is an annual fee to be a member of the DSC. These fees supplement the budget from MITA to support the costs of developing and publishing the Standard.


  • $1,800 for members of MITA/NEMA, COCIR, or JIRA
  • $9,850 for vendor organizations that are not members of MITA/NEMA, COCIR, or JIRA

Biomedical Professional Organizations

  • $ 2,500 for organizations such as medical societies. These dues are waived for organizations that provide the secretariat of a DICOM working group.

Trade Associations, Standards-Developing Organizations, Government Agencies, Observers

  • No dues are collected from members in this category.