Store (STOW-RS)

STore Over the Web (STOW) enables you to store specific instances to the server. The specification can be found in PS3.18 10.5.



Following are a list of methods accepted by a STOW service.
POST{s}/studiesStore instances
POST{s}/studies/{study}Store instances

Unique Identifiers

As part of generating content, you will need to provide unique identifiers, for study, series, and SOP instance UID fields. More information regarding unique identifiers can be found in section 9 and annex B in PS 3.5. To generate a UID using Standard UUID generation, you can follow the rules of OID generation described here, where by each identifier can be 2.25.<aaaa>, where <aaaa> is the decimal notation without hyphens or other separator notation.

SOP Class

When uploading content, you will need to specify the SOP Class. This indicates the type of content being embedded inside the DICOM instance. A lossy JPEG SOP class uses the ID, “1.2.840.10008.”. Other types are defined in Annex A of PS 3.6.