Search (QIDO-RS)

Query based on ID for DICOM Objects (QIDO) enables you to search for studies, series and instances by patient ID, and receive their unique identifiers for further usage (i.e., to retrieve their rendered representations). More detail can be found in PS3.18 10.6.



Following are a list of methods accepted by a QIDO service.
GET{s}/studies?...Query for studies
GET{s}/studies/{study}/series?...Query for series in a study
GET{s}/studies/{study}/series/{series}/instances?...Query for instances in a series

Query Parameters

{attributeID}{value}Query matching on supplied value
includefield{attribute} | allInclude supplied tags in result
fuzzymatchingtrue | falseWhether query should use fuzzy matching
limit{n}Return only {n} results
offset{n}Skip {n} results