Day 1-0930-ODonnell-Intro to DICOM Concepts
Day 1-1010-Nolte-DICOM Conference DICOM News 2023 II
Day 1-1100-Tarbox-DICOM Security 101
Day 1-1140-Genereaux-DICOMweb
Day 1-1330-Kucherer-Burgert-DICOM in Surgery - Towards Structured Reporting of Surgical Interventions-Video
Day 1-1330-Burgert-Kucherer DICOM in Surgery - Towards Structured Reporting of Surgical Interventions
Day 1-1400-Genereaux-Artificial Intelligence
Day 1-1420-Schroeder-EncodingAIResults
Day 2-0910-Charboneau-Large-scale Implementation of DICOM
Day 2-0910-Charboneau-Large-scale Implementation of DICOM-video
Day 2-1020-Erdal- DICOM_AI-Summit
Day 2-1010-Padmanabhan-Leveraging DICOM and IHE standards to deploy AI for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening at Vision centers in Rural Tamil Nadu
Day 2-1130-Lyshkow-DICOM_Non_WSI
Day 2-1150-Anand_Karkinos_Multimodal_CDR_using_openEHR_and_DICOM_DICOM_Conference_Sept2023
Day 2-1210-Nanda-DICOM_Risks_and_Mitigations
Day 2-1400-Jain-WSI quality parameters DICOM - Pramana
Day 2-1600-Rengan-DICOM Sarcopenia
Day 2-1540-Bijesh-Supriya_EnablingLegacyModalityDevices-withRadiationDoseReporting_DICOMConference_Sept2023
Day 3-0910-Kalyanpur- DICOM and its Penetration in Clinical Practice - An Indian Teleradiologic Perspective
Day 3-1110-Oosterwijk DICOM Past_and_Future
Day 3-1030-GovindarajanPerspective on DICOM in Diagnostic Center