DICOM® is among the most widely adopted standards in healthcare and is used across the globe. The conference agenda covers a range of topics and will be especially suitable for those new to DICOM®.

For those familiar with DICOM®, learn more about advanced features and new developments underway to expand DICOM® use in your institution.

And to the benefit of all – the program includes many breaks to have 1:1 conversations with speakers who look forward to sharing ideas and expertise with attendees.

DICOM® has been successfully adopted and deployed for over 25 years and continues to meet evolving end user needs.

Trends and future directions in DICOM®: Learn about DICOM’s development agenda and what we have underway and planned for future release. Join Jeroen Medema, Standardization Officer at Philips Healthcare as he shares a look at DICOM’s busy and exciting future.

Deploying DICOM® Effectively: As a new user, sometimes knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming.  Join Dr. Antje Schroeder of Siemens Healthineers, an expert in integration and clinical workflows and use of DICOM®, Dr. Schroeder will share practical perspectives to leverage DICOM® .

DICOM® Privacy & Security: DICOM® has always been forward-looking. Learn about the features embedded in DICOM® over a decade ago that address many of today’s security challenges and about new work underway. As an assistant professor in Biomedical Informatics Dr. Larry Tarbox is a noted expert in radiological medical record security and toolkits of all kinds and will share solutions for fully leveraging DICOM® to meet Privacy and Security needs.

Digital Imaging in Dermatology: Dr. Liam Caffery, Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland, has an active research portfolio in health informatics, with a particular focus in imaging informatics. Dr. Caffery will share address the application of digital skin imaging to help reduce melanoma and other conditions.

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