WG-15: Mammography and Chest CAD

SecretariatAmerican College of Radiology
Wil Creech
ChairsJanet E. Keyes, Hologic, Inc.
Last strategy update2021-12-02
MinutesWG-15 minutes
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To develop extensions to DICOM to support breast imaging and reporting thereof, including structured reporting of Computer-Aided Detection / Diagnosis (CAD) results.

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives:

  • Dormant since January 2014, no new work item proposals, relevant CPs handled by email
  • CPs in the pipeline that affect mammography image and related DICOM SR IODs:
  • Add more compression information to Dose SR: force, pressure, contact area (CP-1770 completed Letter Ballot in CPack-100)
  • Additions to Breast Imaging Report [templates] (CP-1838 final text January 2019)

Challenges and Opportunities(Environment):

  • Monitor future developments in breast imaging technologies, and the need to store and exchange resulting images and related information in DICOM.
  • Monitor future developments in CAD research, particularly those that make the technology actively interactive with radiologists.
  • Requests for future work items will be dependent on the active participation of vendors and clinicians that perceive a need to expand the DICOM Standard in a specific area, and support of the Secretariat for those work items. Some items may require cooperation from other working groups.

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction):

The following are potential work items with respect to Structured Reporting, based on demand from participants:
  • Maintenance of the existing Mammography CAD, Chest CAD, Colon CAD and Breast Imaging structured reports and associated coded terminology, based on the ACR BI-RADS® Atlas.
  • Update Breast Imaging Report templates and context groups relative to ACR BI-RADS Atlas Fifth Edition, including MRI Section.
  • Extension of CAD objects to support new modalities and applications, such as CAD for breast tomosynthesis.
  • The following are potential work items with respect to Image IODs, based on demand from participants:
  • Maintenance of the existing Digital Mammography X-Ray, Breast Tomosynthesis and Breast Projection X-Ray Image IODs, and breast x-ray dose reporting portions of the X-Ray Radiation Dose SR IOD,
  • Addition of attributes or modules to describe DX/Mammography quality control and phantom images.

Past Work:

  • Supplement 165 Breast Projection X-Ray Image Storage SOP Classes (2014)
  • Supplement 126 Colon CAD SR SOP Class (2009)
  • Supplement 125 Breast Tomosynthesis Image Storage SOP Class (2008)
  • Supplement 79 Breast Imaging Report Templates (2004)
  • Supplement 75 Relevant Patient Information Query Service Class (2004)
  • Supplement 65 Chest CAD SR SOP Class (2003)
  • Supplement 50 Mammography CAD SR SOP Class (2001)
  • Supplement 53 DICOM Content Mapping Resource (2001)
  • Supplement 32 Digital X-Ray Image Storage SOP Classes (1998)