WG-03: Nuclear Medicine

SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Shayna Knazik, sknazik@dicomstandard.org
Last strategy update2018-09-25
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  • All topics related to Nuclear Medicine. Includes ownership and maintenance of the NM and PET image IODs, as well as more recent development of a Structured Report IOD for reporting Radiopharmaceutically administered radiation (dose) to a patient. This group has also worked closely with the IHE to ensure inclusion of these DICOM concepts into relevant IHE Profiles.


  • Review and update the lists of known Radionuclides and Pharmaceuticals identified in PS3.16.
  • Reconsider the need for a new Reconstructed SPECT Image IOD. There was a long-standing approved Work Item that never received much interest. However, there is recent rumor that at least one vendor is exporting reconstructed SPECT data using the PET IOD. It would be of interest to understand if this is true, if so why, and consider if it is worthwhile to resurrect the old Work Item.

Current Status

  • WG03 is not actively working on any Work Items of Objectives at this time.

Current Work Items

  1. Create new Dose Reporting structure for reporting patient dose related to PET and general NM scans (Sup159).
  2. Create new Enhanced NM IOD.


  • None.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • None