SecretariatNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
Eve Shalley,
ChairJoseph Kalen, National Cancer Institute
Last strategy update2016-04-08
MinutesWG-30 minutes


To extend and promote use of DICOM in Small Animal Imaging for Pre-Clinical and Co-Clinical Research


  • Evaluate issues related to deployment of DICOM for this purpose
  • Add new informative material to expedite and facilitate deployment (completed)
  • Add new extensions to existing IODs for pre-clinical and small animal specific information (completed)
  • Add new IODs for modalities that fit poorly into existing repertoire (not prioritized)

Short-Term Objectives

  • Promote use of new Small Animal Acquisition Context SOP Class
  • Promote use new content in existing image SOP Classes related to identification and description of animals

Current Status

  • Completed extensions to existing IODs for pre-clinical and small animal specific information (Sup 187)
  • Received approval from IHTSDO to use SNOMED codes incorporated in Sup 187 and CP 1478
  • Completed update of image samples to using newly assigned standard data elements and codes

Current Work Items

  • 2015-05-A completed (Sup 187)
  • No new work items yet submitted


  • Potential for loss of enthusiasm and continued commitment of users and vendors due to completion of existing work item and CPs, lack of resources and priority of remaining subject matter

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Broaden the participating members of the working group amongst more vendors and users
  • Encourage adoption of standard solutions rather than tolerating existing proprietary approaches or expedient manual workarounds

Relationships to Other Standards

  • NCI provides coordination with other pre-clinical and co-clinical activities that they sponsor, including those related to mouse models, vocabulary, and quantitative imaging.