SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
ChairsLawrence Tarbox, PhD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Jeroen Medema, Philips Healthcare
Last strategy update2018-09-25
MinutesWG-29 minutes


  • The WG is responsible for the PR for DICOM. It seizes opportunities in the areas of education, communication, and outreach, and advices the DSC on this matter.


  • As we did in the past, we will continue to take opportunities to perform PR for DICOM.


  • Organize DICOM International Conferences
  • Define competency requirements for target audiences
  • Discuss whether to accredit educational providers, and if so, how
  • Define the content that should be provided


  • Develop and maintain an Executive Summary document to explain and define DICOM’s role in healthcare
  • Redesign and manage the DICOM website
  • Optimize communications to the DICOM community


  • Create printed articles and/or video presentations about DICOM
  • Assist with implementation and use of new supplements including through  support to customers and manufacturers
  • Establish reciprocal connections with patient advocates, policy makers, medical informatics leaders, and others


  • Finalize branding & market awareness building plan, and get it executed. The latter implies effort and expenses, which may be hard to get.


  • Main focus in the last period was on the Educational Conference in Brisbane.
  • Brad Genereaux was named the SIIM representative to DICOM.
  • The website has been extended, and email addresses of secretariat and WG chairs have been moved too.
  • Small paper in EI, the NEMA magazine.
  • Work is done on a branding and market awareness building plan.