SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
ChairsBrad Genereaux, Agfa Healthcare
James Philbin, American College of Radiology
Last strategy update2018-09-25
MinutesWG-27 minutes


Work Group 27 is focused on leveraging Web technologies and defining Web based extensions to DICOM that address the communication needs resulting from clinical use cases for medical image distribution, viewing and processing. These extensions should enable Web-based intra- and inter-enterprise communication and management of the medical imaging record and associated workflows; as well as facilitate integration with other healthcare IT systems. Work Group 27 also coordinates its work with other standards organizations such as HL7 and IHE, so that DICOM Web Services efficiently interoperate with other Web-based medical informatics standards.


  • Continue harmonizing our work with IHE and HL7 initiatives that are web based, so that images can be shared using the same approach as non-image documents.
  • We will keep a keen eye on new emerging technologies in the scope intra- and cross-enterprise sharing of image information and patient medical context, and leverage these when applicable.
  • Maintain the working relationship with ISO TC 215
  • Maintain the working relationship with the IHE ITI and IHE Radiology domain committees
  • Maintain the working relationship with the HL7 Imaging Integration committee
  • Develop supplements for the current work items

Work in Progress

  • Sup183 – Redocument Webservices (In progress, Letter Ballot review-January, March, and June 2018)
  • Sup193 – Web Service Notification (Assigned)
  • Sup203 – Thumbnail Service over DICOMweb – Final Text Ready for approval – awaiting Sup183


  • Destabilize the present DICOM standard and its implementations
    To date this risk has been minimized
  • Insufficient requirements input from the HIT vendors that own the applications with the patient medical context information
    To date this risk has been avoided
  • Fast changing information technology in this scope, and heated debates about what’s the best
  • Many relationships that need to be fostered in order to obtain consistency in the approach

Challenges and Opportunities

  • DICOM+JSON needs improvement.
  • Generalized Notifications

Relationship to Other Standards

  • Relationship with IHE ITI and RAD Work Groups
  • Relationship with HL7 Imaging Integration and FHIR committees
  • Relationship with ISO TC215/WG2