SecretariatAmerican Dental Association (ADA)
Paul Bralower,
ChairTrishul Allareddy, American Dental Association/Univ. of Iowa
Chris Bope: Danaher/Palodex Group/Soredex
Last strategy update2019-10-02
MinutesWG-22 minutes


To address all issues relating to the DICOM Standard for dental and maxillofacial applications including imaging and use of imaging in diagnosis, treatment simulation, treatment guidance, and tissue restoration using CAD/CAM. These include (but are not limited to) ordering, acquisition, processing, storage, communication, display and reporting.

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives:

  • DICOM CP1570 Add Dental Acquisition Context Group to the Visible Light Image Module

Reviewed by WG 6 with revisions. Added SNOMED CT codes.

  • DICOM CP1571 Add Orthodontics and Forensic Odontology view sets to Structured Display

Reviewed by WG 6 with revisions. Added SNOMED CT codes.

Challenges and Opportunities (Environment)

  • Encourage vendors to participate in finding solutions.
    In the general Radiography and Angiography lab environment already various non-image data exist and need to be exchanged to assure flow of information. The different departments are increasingly switching to digital communication and rely on implementation of Standards.
  • Meeting with SCDP regarding adoption of ISO SCDP CAD/CAM leadership is proposing an identical adoption of ISO 18618 as an ANSI/ADA Standard (form still to be turned in). SCDI members have expressed concern that DICOM should be recognized in the adoption (i.e., naming DICOM as a normative reference as the specified format for data transfer and interoperability) which would make it a modified adoption.

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction):

    • 3D optical surface scan
    • CAD/CAM Prosthetic Value Chain
    • Coordination with WG 28 on Universal Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR)

Discussion of 2019 priority. To initiate development of the 3D optical surface scan with ADA support and harmonization with SCDI/SCDP and ISO/TC 106. (Development of DICOM transport of 3D optical surface scan in conjunction with ISO TC/106, ADA SCDI and ADA SCDP as an integral part of the CAD/CAM prosthetic value chain.

Items discussed but not seen as a current WG22 priority:

  • Implant treatment guidance
  • Surgical workflow issues in dentistry
  • Multi-dimensional presentation states;
  • Add “DICOM Implementation of Color in Dentistry” (ICC) or Enhanced Color Mapping in Dentistry