SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
ChairWim Corbijn van Willenswaard, Philips Healthcare
Last strategy update2014-03-17
MinutesWG-16 minutes


The principles of the Enhanced MR object, developed in the 1999-2003 timeframe, had successive follow up by other modalities. The MR group pursues opportunities for further enhancement in the area of clinical interoperability for MR.


Currently there are two items that might result in new work-items. Intention is to form two subgroups each responsible for preparing a supplement. These are the Functional MRI area in cooperation with the QIBA group from RSNA. Second is the cooperation with WG24 (Surgery) on the standardization of DTI information which was originally only focusing on Fiber Tracks but is now extending to get full coverage of data needed.

Short-Term Objectives

  • Create work-items for fMRI and DTI extensions needed
  • Make necessary revisions through CPs
  • Promote the opportunities and the implementation of the Enhanced MR objects.

Current Status

  • IHE profile for CT/MR Contrast Perfusion is changed through a CP and tested during last US Connectathon with several different vendors for all actors.
  • Enhanced MR Color object has been defined. It is not yet broadly supported in the field.
  • Push acceptance of enhanced MR objects for ACR accreditation.
  • Monitoring work items of other workgroups
    • Dimensional Presentation State
    • Injector record / Contrast Media Dose SR
    • Protocol standardization and exchange
    • New IOD for combining Classic objects into an Enhanced object
    • Registration of implants which will need extra information added to the MR objects.

Current Work Items

  • CPs, as they come from WG-06.
  • Update first proposals of IHE profiles for Enhanced MR objects.
  • fMRI standardization together with the fMRI technical committee of the QIBA organization


  • None


  • MR applications are constantly being refined. A large number of defined terms have been standardized, but new terms should be added through CPs as soon as new techniques emerge in order to further support interoperability.
  • Acceptance of Enhanced MR objects for the accreditation by the ACR
  • Overall pressure on traveling increases the difficulty in getting approval for F2F meetings.


  • The fMRI and DTI discussion show that MR is getting more and more integrated in a workflow with other products and needs to work together with these products. The workgroup can explore if other usage of MR data is requiring further definition and integration of the data.