SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Lisa Spellman,
ChairBruce Bray, MD, American College of Cardiology
Sander Dekker, Cablon Medical
Last strategy update2019-04-05
MinutesWG-12 minutes


  • WG-12 addresses DICOM standardization issues of modality-specific interest to users of medical ultrasound imaging and review devices.

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives:

  • There is currently no approved work item for the domain, since the domain is still in the process of defining its strategy and road map.

Challenges and Opportunities (Environment):

  • As noted, WG-01 & WG-12 both recently restarted and keep in communication with each other due to common interests. WG-01 has keeping in close touch with cross-posting and invitations between WG-01 and WG-12 given a shared interest to develop a proposal to expand DICOM-SR to include more cardiac mechanics (strain, etc.).
  • Supplements in Final Text most recently developed by WG-12 have not seen any significant adoption, including Supplement 43 “Storage of 3D Ultrasound Images” and Supplement 169 “Simplified Adult Echocardiographic Report”. We need to understand why this is and determine what changes to DICOM development procedures would improve the timeliness of completion and likelihood of adoption of WG work products.

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction):

  • ASE/EACVI is proposing development of a new Strain Structured Report template following the pattern of Simplified Adult Echocardiography report. ASE/EACVI is also suggesting development of a new ultrasound image IOD suitable for speckle analysis.
  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is proposing enhancement to the Ultrasound Image IODs to include acquisition information to support image Quality Control activities.

Past Work

  • [2016]    Supplement 169 “Simplified Adult Echocardiographic Report”
  • [2009]    Supplement 43 “Storage of 3D Ultrasound Images” and related CPs
  • [2009]    Supplement 78 “Fetal, Pediatric, and Congenital Cardiac Ultrasound Reports”