SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Lisa Spellman,
Last strategy update2016-12-01
MinutesWG-11 minutes


To develop DICOM services related to display and presentation.


  • Continue development of Volumetric Presentation States, such as for Surface Rendering and/or Curved MPR, after there is sufficient implementation experience in the use of initial Volumetric Presentation State offerings.

Short Term Goals

  • None planned, awaiting experience in the use of existing Volumetric Presentation States
    Completed Work:
  • Planar MPR Volumetric Presentation State (Sup 156, FT May, 2015)

Current Work Items

  • Multi-dimensional Presentation States, Supplement (2008-04-C)
    • Volume Rendering Volumetric Presentation State (Sup 190, LB May, 2016, awaiting FT review)


Short Term

  • Acceptability of initial Volumetric Presentation State objects that have no known implementations at this time.

Long Term

  • Staffing – current membership is suspending participation in the working group

Challenges and Opportunities


  • Maintaining expertise, champions, vendor and clinical participation.


  • Foster the incorporation of volumetric presentation states into clinical use models.

Relationships to Other Standards

  • The Volumetric Presentation States are designed to use existing image objects for the representation of Cartesian volumes as input, such as CT Image, MR Image, PET Image, Enhanced CT Image, Enhanced MR Image, Enhanced PET Image, Enhanced US Volume, etc.