SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
SecretaryLisa Spellman
Co-ChairsKevin O’Donnell, Canon Medical Systems
Ken Persons, Mayo Clinic
Last strategy update2016-12-01
MinutesWG-10 minutes


  • Develop and maintain the long-term strategic plan of the DICOM Standards Committee (DSC)
  • Consider issues and opportunities related to the strategic evolution of DICOM
  • Propose issues/topics to the DSC or existing WGs and/or propose new WGs
  • Provide liaison to other standards developing organizations (SDOs)

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives

  • No active workitems, supplements or CPs
  • Revised Strategic Report template; rebuilding DICOM Strategic Document
  • Maintaining SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) table for DICOM
  • Supporting discussions on Chinese translation and testing of DICOM
  • Supporting WG-29 to get DICOM website updated

Challenges and Opportunities (Environment)

  • Industry focus on Health IT adoption, data portability, interoperability
  • Popularity of cloud/web solutions; web-based image sharing
  • Interest in analytics, mineable data and Deep Learning (image headers, SR, MPPS, etc)
  • Leverage XML Editions; should we have a Value Sets Web Service?
  • Concerns about security in healthcare IT
  • DICOM communications/marketing is patchy/not pretty
    • Lack strong promotional direction (due to broad work and lack of long term goals/strategy/roadmap)
    • e.g. do DICOMweb now; it’s “ready”; need strategy/campaign/plan
    • Don’t harness MITA/COCIR well enough to promote DICOM/adoption
      • Request they report to DSC, e.g. plans to engage with ONC/epSOS, etc.
  • Non-DICOM/non-medical solutions for web; see DICOM as “big iron”
    • Need strong education/promotion of DICOM-RS
  • Low adoption in other -ologies (Endo, Dental, Path, …) & practice mgt SW

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction)

  • Explore a vision / “5-year-goals” for DICOM

Past Work

  • Supported establishment of DICOM WG-31 (Conformance)
  • Renewed DICOM as ISO12052
  • Fostered WG-20 review/CP process with WG-6
  • Fostered WG-13 video proposal