SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
ChairsJim Percy, Elekta Inc
Christof Schadt, Brainlab AG
Last strategy update2019-10-02
MinutesWG-07 minutes


WG-07 develops and maintains the radiotherapy objects and related functionality in the DICOM Standard and supports and promotes its adoption by industry and community.
Specifically, the following objectives are included:

  • Modernizing and streamlining the DICOM Standard for Radiotherapy by developing a new generation of Radiotherapy-related IODs
  • Developing objects for various treatment modalities
    (External Beam, Brachytherapy, Ion Therapy, Robotic Treatment Devices, Cobalt etc.)
  • Taking care, that Imaging is well-integrated into the Radiotherapy Process
  • Ensure, that geometric concepts (frame of reference and related constructs) are well-defined so that radio-therapeutic planning and delivery can rely on precise geometric definitions to ensure safe beam placement
  • Considering and further developing DICOM Unified Worklist concepts and specifications and make use of those approaches in to the Radiotherapy workflow

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives:

  • Supplement 160 Patient Positioning and Workflow, being developed pursuant to work item [2011-12-A]
  • Supplement 176 2nd Generation Tomotherapeutic, Multiple Fixed Source and Robotic Treatment (out for Letter Ballot)
  • Supplement 177 2nd Generation RT Dose Image –Before Public Comment
  • Supplement 196  Segmentation Creation Template
  • Supplement 199  Radiation Record
  • Supplement 215 RT Ion Radiation Objects
  • Supplement 216 RT Brachytherapy Objects

Challenges and Opportunities (Environment):

  • The adoption of upcoming 2nd Generation Radiotherapy objects in a productive environment will need a significant investment by manufacturers. WG-07 and especially IHE-RO is highly engaged in pushing for adoption, but synchronization of implementations across the industry represents a challenge even within the more compact environment of Radiotherapy. Yet the potential value is high: many modern technologies require the newly developed objects, and workflow implementation across the industry could lead to significant improvements of efficiency and electronic coverage.
  • Radiotherapy has taken Unified Worklist into use since many years for treatment events. A more general coverage of the complete workflow is an established goal, but is competing with approaches using FHIR.
  • Specification of FHIR extensions of some Radiotherapy content is envisioned in specific environments. The continued tendency to use FHIR also in Radiotherapy for some newer or evolving aspects of interoperability will require continued attention to constitute and preserve a reasonable alignment of the boundaries of use between the two Standards

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction):

  • Supplement 216-Brachytherapy Radiation Objects (2nd Gen.) [WI 2007-06-B]-WG-07 Brachytherapy
  • Supplement 215-RT Ion Radiation Objects (2nd Gen.)] [WI 2007-06-B] –WG-07 Ion
  • SupNN6_01_MotionManagement- WG-07 Motion Management
  • Supplement 160 (Patient Positioning and Workflow)
        • Workflow support for Radiotherapy Treatment Sessions across components of different vendors being involved in preparation, patient positioning, treatment delivery and post-treatment review activities.
        • The supplement makes use of the concepts and definitions in Supplement 147, but maybe used in parts already the context of 1st generation Radiotherapy objects.
        • The supplement is closely related to IHE-RO Profiles (especially the workflow-related profiles)
        • CPs are in process to support the use cases the supplement covers
        • Work of Supplement 160 should be resumed in conjunction with the IHE-RO Technical Committee subgroup for the DPDW (Discrete Positioning and Delivery Workflow) Profile-
    • Outlook to New Development
    • Approaches to represent local data clusters, which reference all objects relevant to a specific use case (e.g. evaluation of use of Key Object Selection IOD).
    • New Services to improve efficiency and specificity of retrieving data (“Query Last”)
    • Potentially SRs specific to segmentation and radiotherapy use cases

    Past Work:

    • Supplement 11 (RT Image, RT Structure Set, RT Dose, RT Plan)
    • Supplement 29 (RT Treatment Record Objects and Media Support)
    • Supplement 102 (Ion Therapy) is part of the DICOM 2006 standard.
    • Supplements 74 (Utilization of Worklist in Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery) in connection with WG-06-sponsored
    • Supplement 96 (Unified Worklist and Procedure Step)
    • Supplement 184 (Brachytherapy Delivery Instruction)
    • Supplement 185 (Object Evaluation)
    • Supplement 147 2nd Gen. Prescriptions and Segment Annotation [WI 2007-06-B].
    • Supplement 175 C-arm RT Treatment (2nd Gen.) [WI 2007-06-B].