SecretariatMedical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
ChairBjoern Nolte, Siemens-Healthineers
EditorDavid Clunie, MBBS, PixelMed Publishing
Last strategy update2019-10-02
MinutesWG-06 minutes


WG6 maintains the overall consistence of the DICOM standard. It provides technical guidance to all DICOM working groups and serves as the technical coordination point. It also develops extensions (Supplements) to DICOM typically related to overall systems enhancements. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Executing the DICOM Maintenance Process (Correction Proposals). The process is used to make “corrections and minor changes” to the current versions of the Standard. Any corrections made are processed using the normal Letter Ballot procedures as defined by NEMA.
  • Provision of technical coordination and guidance for all WGs. This includes review and official approval before the Public Comment, Letter Ballot, and Final Text draft releases of all supplements.
  • Development of Supplements to the standard related to Print, Image Management, Workflow Management, etc.
  • Tracking the progress of workitems and supplement and report stalled items (no activity over a period of three years) to the DICOM Standards Committee.
  • Coordination of joint development efforts with ASTM (DICOS), ISO and JIRA.
  • Coordination with MITA for the publication of DICOM.

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives:

DICOM Maintenance Process

  • Supplements approved for Final Text after the last DSC meeting
    • Sup202 Real-Time Video
    • Sup175 C-Arm RT Treatment Modalities (2nd Gen)
  • Supplements, being worked upon after Letter Ballot:
    • Sup 176 Tomotherapeutic, Multiple Fixed Source and Robotic-Arm Treatment Modalities (2nd Gen) (out for Letter Ballot)
  • Supplements, being worked upon after Public Comment:
    • Supplement 208: DICOM Encapsulation of Additional Models for 3D Manufacturing (out for Public Comment)
  • Supplements, being worked upon before Public Comment under review by WG-06
    • Supplement 160: Second Generation Radiotherapy Patient Positioning and Workflow
    • Supplement 182: 3D Presentation State: Curved MPR
    • Supplement 193: Web Service Notifications
    • Supplement 196: Segmentation Creation Template
    • Supplement 199: Radiation Records.
    • Supplement 205: 3D Manufacturing
    • Supplement 207: Conformity Assessment
    • Supplement 209: DICOM Standard Conformance Template
    • Supplement 210: Functional Acquisition Paradigm Protocol Storage
    • Supplement 211: DICOMWEB Support for Retrieve via Application/ Zip
    • Supplement 212: XA Protocols
    • Supplement 213: RT Enhanced RT Image
    • Supplement 214: Cone Beam CT Radiation Dose SR
    • Supplement 215: RT Ion Radiation Objects
    • Supplement 216: RT Brachytherapy Objects
  • Supplements inactive over a longer time period (Candidates for cancellation):
    • Sup196 Segmentation Creation Template
    • Sup193 REST Notifications
    • Sup182 3D Presentation State: Curved MPR
    • Sup138 Crestal Implant Storage SOP Class
    • Sup136 DOT Mammography
    • Sup115 Evidence Document SOP Classes
    • Sup109 SOP Instance Location Service
  • Change Proposal packets finalized since the last DSC meeting:
    • CPack-101 with 10 CPs voted Final Text in June 2019
    • CPack-102 with 10 CPs voted Final Text in September 2019
    • CPack-103 with 33 CPs is out for balloting, deadline Nov. 4, 2019

Challenges and Opportunities (Environment):

  • We need more active participants in WG-06 Base Standard.

Future Roadmap and Objectives (Committee Direction):

  • No change of direction

Past Work