Secretariat (U.S.)Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)
Luiza Kowalczyk,
Secretariat (Europe)European Society of Radiology
Annalisa Trianni, Universitaria “S. Maria della Misericordia,” Udine, Italy,
ChairFrancisco Sureda, GE Healthcare
Last strategy update2019-10-02
MinutesWG-02 minutes


To develop and maintain the XA-, XRF-, DX-, CR-specific objects for the DICOM standard in the domains of 2D and 3D X-Ray imaging (general radiography, angiography, cardiology, neuro-radiology, radio-fluoroscopy, electrophysiology, interventional oncology etc.), technical reports, dose information and clinical information, related to the patient and medical staff of interventional procedures or general X-ray procedures.


  • There is a wish to foster implementations of RDSR in Digital Radiography (DR) products in the market, which reveals a need of better awareness and technical guidance to DR vendors. We expect to partially answer to this need by providing the new supplement Informative Annex of Radiation Dose Reporting Use Cases.
  • Work Item 2015-12-D Cone Beam CT-RDSR: The WG-02 collaborates actively with WG-28 in the development of a dose report to address Cone Beam CT (CBCT), and potentially define a new Radiation Dose SR meant to include new/all modalities and to define a more generic model of irradiation.
  • WG-02 plans to review the future IHE profile that has been proposed for Modality Protocol Management.
  • The MITA Interventional XR-27 standard (User QC) requires exporting protocol technical information outside the angiographic equipment. WG-02 foresees an opportunity for interoperability with the future “XA Protocol Storage” IOD.
  • WG-02 ensures liaison with other groups and organizations like IEC, MITA X-Ray Interventional, AAPM, EFOMP, and IHE.

Current Supplements, Work and Objectives

  • (New Supplement) Update of Radiation Dose Reporting Use Cases Informative Annex in PS3.17 – Draft
  • Supplement 212  XA Protocol Storage -Pre-Public Comment
  • CP 1319 Frame Of Reference Reliability – Assigned
  • CP 1800 Field of View Origin clarification needed – Assigned
  • Collaborate with WG-07 in the definition of a “trusted” Frame of Reference.
  • Collaborate with WG-28 to improve RDSR for Cone Beam CT, Sup 214.

Future Work Items

  • N/A.


  • Too many proprietary solutions are already in use.
  • If clinical users and vendors do not participate, the results may not meet all user requirements or may not be broadly accepted.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Encourage clinical users to participate to the group in finding solutions and/or validating proposed solutions.
  • In the general Radiography and Angiography lab environment already various non-image data exist and need to be exchanged to assure flow of information. The different departments are increasingly switching to digital communication and rely on implementation of Standards.

Past Work

DICOM Supplements and CPs

  • Supp 83 – Enhanced XA/XRF Image Storage SOP Class – Standard 2004
  • Supp 94 – Radiation Dose Report – Standard 2004
  • Supp 116 – 3D X-Ray – Standard 2007
  • Supp 140 – XA/XRF Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP Class – Standard 2008
  • Supp 139 – Enhanced XA/XRF IOD Informative Annex – Standard 2009
  • Supp 167 – X-Ray 3D IOD Informative Annex – Standard 2014c
  • Supp 191 – Patient Radiation Dose SR – Standard 2017a
  • CP 1077 – Add CR report type to Dose SR and relax content conditions – Standard 2011
  • CP 1223 – Additional Items for Dose SR (by IEC PT 61910-1) – Standard 2011
  • CP 1635 – Add Isocenter Coordinate System to X-Ray Projection RDSR – Standard 2017c
  • CP 1807- Corrections of Performed Storage Module – Standard 2018e

DICOM Conferences & Seminars

  • 2004 SPIE – Advances in DICOM WG-02: Emerging Enhanced XA
  • 2005 DICOM Conference (Budapest): Enhanced XA/XRF
  • 2005 DICOM Conference (Budapest): Projection Imaging, Dose Report and XA 3D
  • 2007 SPIE – Advances in DICOM WG-02: Enhanced X-Ray and 3D
  • 2008 DICOM Conference (Cheng Du): Application cases using the Enhanced XA SOP Class
  • 2009 SPIE – Advances in DICOM WG-02: X-Ray Angiography Projection Imaging and 3D
  • 2010 SPIE – Advances in DICOM WG-02: X-Ray Angiography Projection Imaging and 3D
  • 2011 SPIE – Advances in DICOM WG-02: X-ray Angiography & 3D Presentation