Working Groups are established by the DICOM Standard Committee to develop the standard for a particular modality, clinical domain, or technical area.

Summary of CommitteeMinutes
DSC – DICOM Standard CommitteeDSC minutes
WG-01 Cardiac and Vascular InformationWG-01 minutes
WG-02 Projection Radiography and AngiographyWG-02 minutes
WG-03 Nuclear MedicineWG-03 minutes
WG-04 CompressionWG-04 minutes
WG-05 Exchange MediaWG-05 minutes
WG-06 Base StandardWG-06 minutes
WG-07 RadiotherapyWG-07 minutes
WG-08 Structured Reporting and Common Data ElementsWG-08 minutes
WG-09 OphthalmologyWG-09 minutes
WG-10 Strategic AdvisoryWG-10 minutes
WG-11 Display Function StandardWG-11 minutes
WG-12 UltrasoundWG-12 minutes
WG-13 Visible LightWG-13 minutes
WG-14 SecurityWG-14 minutes
WG-15 Mammography and CADWG-15 minutes
WG-16 Magnetic ResonanceWG-16 minutes
WG-17 3DWG-17 minutes
WG-18 Clinical Trials and ResearchWG-18 minutes
WG-19 DermatologyWG-19 minutes
WG-20 Integration of Imaging and Information SystemsWG-20 minutes
WG-21 Computed TomographyWG-21 minutes
WG-22 DentistryWG-22 minutes
WG-23 Artificial Intelligence/Application HostingWG-23 minutes
WG-24 DICOM in SurgeryWG-24 minutes
WG-25 Veterinary MedicineWG-25 minutes
WG-26 PathologyWG-26 minutes
WG-27 Web Services for DICOMWG-27 minutes
WG-28 PhysicsWG-28 minutes
WG-29 Education, Communication, and OutreachWG-29 minutes
WG-30 Small Animal ImagingWG-30 minutes
WG-31 ConformanceWG-31 minutes
WG-32 Neurophysiology Data
WG-32 minutes
WG-33 Data Archive and ManagementWG-33 minutes