Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) enables you to retrieve specific studies, series and instances by reference. The specification for WADO-RS can be found in PS3.18 6.5. WADO-RS currently returns binary DICOM instances, but work is underway to add RESTful rendering (see supplement 174).



Following are a list of methods accepted by a WADO service.

GET /studies/{STUDY}

  • Retrieve an individual study

GET /studies/{StUDY}/series/{Series}

  • Retrieve an individual series

GET /studies/{STUDY}/series/{SERIES}/instances/{Instance}

  • Retrieve an individual instance

GET /studies/{STUDY}/series/{SERIES}/instances/{INSTANCE}/frames/{FrameS}

  • Retrieve individual frames

GET /studies/{STUDY}/metadata

  • Retrieve study meta-data

GET {BulkDataURL}

  • Retrieve bulk data items