DICOMweb™ and HL7® FHIR®

DICOMweb and HL7 FHIR are complementary services to service the needs of imaging in healthcare.  HL7 FHIR provides the information model for health information, including describing references to the available imaging studies, through the resource ImagingStudy. DICOMweb provides access to the underlying DICOM instances and rendered services.

ImagingStudy resources provide links to a DICOMweb server through the use of EndPoint. This resource references the base instance of a DICOMweb server, and the implementer can then use the DICOMweb standard to query and retrieve the DICOM instances as necessary (including rendered JPEGs).

DICOMweb™ and IHE

Web-based Image Capture (WIC) uses DICOMweb’s Store (STOW-RS) methods to enable acquisition of images using web services.

Web Image Access (WIA) (formerly MHD-I) provides image sharing via Query (QIDO-RS) and Retrieve (WADO-RS). This allows clients to discover studies and retrieve additional series/instance metadata, as well as retrieve specific images while being neutral about backend image sharing infrastructure. It can be used with XDS / XDS-I infrastructure, and integrate with ITI MHD (Mobile Access to Documents), in order to enable Document Consumers to locate and interact with imaging studies more efficiently using document metadata.

RRR-WF provides workflow for remote radiology reading workflows, via DICOMweb’s Worklist (UPS-RS) service.